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Frequently asked questions

What are actions?
Like arts, crafts or collectibles in the material world, the actions in are individually created unique works. They exist in the Flow Block chain as NFTs. The ownership of these NFTs can be transferred from person to another, but the actions that they represent are bound to the environment.

Which actions are legitimate?
Action can be based on any environmentally related action that you have done. E.g., lifestyle change such as a vegan challenge or lowering energy consumption are great actions. Also, litter picking is something that has immediate impact for the nature and benefits everyone. You could also make a meme that carries environemntal agenda. Be creative! 

What actions are important?
Importance of each action is for you to decide. You can value actions that are made at your neighborhood, actions that are big, actions that are small, ones made by the people you trust, something that you have never seen or heard of, perhaps the most basic actions are what you see most valuable... The list is endless.

Why is creating actions important?
Many environmental actions are created every day! Our future is based on these actions! Unfortunately, these actions do not catch the value which they deserve, nor they act as inspiration for large crowds. announces new way to give value to environmental actions!

What do I need to have an NFT?
For owning and NFT you need a digital wallet. have Dapper wallet integrated into the platform. Dapper is free and easy to use. Fee is taken only from purchases of NFTs and withdraw of crypto currecy.

How can I create an action?
Go to the "create" page and fill in information about your action! will guide you through the creation of user account and digital wallet. You only need email address.

Who is for? is for people who value the environment! We built the service as easy as possible to use.

Are actions cryptocurrency?
No, they are not. Actions in are NFTs. NFT is a unique digital token while cryptocurrency is a set of identical digital tokens. NFTs are always valued individually whereas all of the tokens in a cryptocurrency have the same value with each other.

Can I make money with actions?
The main objective of is to create as many environmental actions as possible. NFTs monetary valuations is always up to the networks. It is possible for an NFT to have high monetary valu as seen in WWF Non-Fungible animals NBA top shot, Crypto Kitties and Crypto Punks. 

What can I do with actions?
Just like a beautiful art or craft, an NFT made at can be: 
- Part of a personal collection
- Immaterial gift
- Collectable item that carries value
- Community symbol

Is environmentally friendly? has been developed over Flow blockchain that is environmentally friendly design. "Minting an NFT on Flow takes less energy than a Google search or Instagram post"

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