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Welcome to! is the home of environmental actions.


Here you can create digital collectables from your personal environmental actions and 
give value to actions that are important to you. have one goal:
inspire more people to act for the nature!


Anyone of us can act –
All actions count, big or small.

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  • Instagram uses blockchain technology that is energy efficient. At every environmental action is turned in to an NFT. Creating an NFT on Flow requires less energy than an Instagram post!


By buying NFTs that represent environmental actions, you can support others' efforts that benefit the environment. This can be a way to collectively make a difference and to encourage more people to take action.


Support directly individuals who are taking action to benefit the environment by buying their NFTs!

Support directly individuals who are taking action to benefit the environment by buying their NFTs!


Keep track of your contributions by building a portfolio of actions. Create or buy; the impact you have had can be a source of motivation others!



You can receive rewards for your efforts by selling NFTs. This can be a source of motivation and a resource for supporting others.



The ability to buy and sell NFTs provides a market for environmental actions, allowing for supply and demand to drive the value of NFTs. This can incentivize more people to take action.

This is how works!

Anyone can act, its fun, easy and most importantly it benefits the environment!



Act; do something for the environment. Examples can be found from the marketplace and SITRA 100 actions.

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Choose image

Choose a image for your environmental action, be creative! 

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Create NFT

We will turn your action into

an NFT in minutes!

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Use your NFT

You have now a NFT token which you can sell, gift, trade or keep.

Give actions as a impactful and fun gift!


Keep actions in your wallet as personal collection of important actions!


List your actions in marketplace to be available for purchase.

congratulates WWF!


WWF was faster than We humbly congratulate them. NFTs are taking the first baby steps in becoming widely used method for allocating resources towards nature. 


WWF NFTs have sold for 2730.000 euros. It’s not much when the whole NFT market size is 24 billion (2022). Major sports collectable NBA TopShot have generated sales over 1 billion till 2022. uses the same technology but focuses on nature.

We are aiming at getting environmental actions sold, because that’s the means for increasing the amount of environmental actions people do.

Examples of actions


To use you need to log-in to the platform and link digital wallet to it.


Don't worry if you are new to NFTs and wallets, have the most user-friendly solution: Dapper wallet.


Dapper is trusted partner for many and have received funding from Finnish technology legend Jyri Jyri Engeström / Yes VC.

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